Monday, March 2, 2015

Buying in Roanoke Park

Roanoke Park is a grassy, pleasant 2.2 acre park located on north Capitol Hill in Seattle where 10th Avenue E ends at E Roanoke. Located in the residential area known by the same name, it has fruit trees that burst into color in the spring. It's an ideal place to enjoy a picnic while your kids frolic in the play area. The City originally acquired it in 1908 for hikers and bicyclists headed down the long, winding road to Washington Park and Lake Washington.

The residential area itself, in the 98102 zip code, is one of the city of Seattle's most desirable locations. The Roanoke Park Historic District is bounded by Shelby Street on the north, E Roanoke St to the south, Harvard Ave on the west, and Tenth Ave on the east. It contains 134 buildings, structures and sites of historical significance.

Roanoke Park contains many beautiful homes of various architectural styles including late Victorian, Queen Anne, Colonial revival, Tudor revival, Italian Renaissance, Craftsman and Bungalow. 63% of the housing stock is over 100 years old. A Seattle Architectural Foundation walking tour brochure describes the neighborhood as "a quiet, largely unexplored island of tree-lined streets with lovely residences that reflect early 20th century home styles."

Views abound in this neighborhood. West from Harvard Avenue E, residents enjoy views of the Space Needle, Gas Works Park, Olympic mountains, and sunsets over Lake Union, with its boats, ships in dry dock, seaplanes, and community of floating houseboats. Other views in the neighborhood look toward the morning sun, Montlake cut and the exquisite Montlake drawbridge with its NeoGothic towers. In the distance lies the University of Washington campus, glistening Bellevue skyline, Lake Washington and Cascade mountains.

Residents are automatically eligible to put their children into the highly-rated TOPS K-8 elementary school at 2500 E. Franklin Ave. TOPS is an alternative K-8 public school dedicated to giving students a complete education while emphasizing themes of social justice and citizenship.

The median home price for a three bedroom, 2.25 bath, 1775sf in Roanoke Park is $745,000 - which sells in just 17 days in today's market.

Please message me directly at for a free list with photos of all current  homes for sale in Roanoke Park. It is one of Seattle's great neighborhoods!

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