Thursday, November 20, 2014

Bad credit? No Problem!

Have you had a recent short sale, foreclosure or bankruptcy, and think that you cannot buy a home right now?

Well, there are options. My mortgage lender sent me some information about a new program in Washington State that offers a leasing with right to purchase program, called Home Partners of America. Here is their information about how this program works:

We want to work with you to lead responsible households on a new path to homeownership.

Our goal is to help more than 10,000-15,000 households in the next 14-16 months:

We work with households that want to rent homes with a right to purchase in the future:

− First-time homebuyers

− Individuals relocating to a new market

− Households that cannot obtain mortgages

A household can select any home listed for sale that meets our criteria:

− Financial obligation is limited to one year of rent

− The lease can be renewed annually for a total of five years

− The resident can move out after any one-year lease term without penalty

− The resident can buy the home from us at any time during their residency

As our buyer’s agent, real estate brokers will receive a full co-op commission when we buy the home.

Basic requirements:

− Annual household income of at least $50,000

− Stable employment

− No history of eviction and no pending bankruptcy;
Every household must provide:

− Full Application from everyone 18+ years old

− Application Fee ($75 total per household)

− Supporting documents:

acceptable criminal history

• Income Verification

• Asset Verification

Please message me privately for more information about this program at or leave a voice message on my recorded hotline: 888-621-4999.

Happy Investing!

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