Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Micro Apartments in Seattle

Today I met with developer and builder Daniel Stoner, founder of Cubix Apartments. Cubix is a type of micro-apartment designed for renters of modest incomes. These units average around 225sf and rent for $750, which includes wifi and all utilities.

They are larger and feel more spacious than typical Capitol Hill "apodments" which may be as small as 110-130sf and rent for more money. Here is a photo of a Cubix unit:
We are looking at a sink, vanity and cabinets, with a mirrored closet in the background. Floors are faux wood vinyl. The bathroom (behind the vanity) has a pocket door, a toilet and a shower stall, but no sink. There is a refrigerator, but no stove or oven in this unit. Now the City code requires kitchen facilities ensuite, but at the time these units were built, that was not a requirement.

Here is a photo of the shared kitchen facility, one for about every 4-6 units:

Cubix offers affordable living for single occupancy tenants in an attractive, energy-efficient apartment unit. Something to consider developing for the future, as Seattle's income inequality gap continues to widen.

Happy Investing!

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