Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Commercial Real Estate Opportunities

My business partner and I have been looking for commercial development opportunities in SE Seattle, since organizing and participating in the recent bus tour of the Rainier Valley, sponsored by the Real Estate Association of Puget Sound. The parcel in the photo above is an attractive property that just went under contract last week.

We followed up with meetings with Wayne Lau of the Rainier Valley Community Development Fund and with Lance Matteson with Southeast Effective Development. Some of the objectives that we hope to pursue include the following:

--Sustainable, "green" commercial development, addressing space issues for identified community needs in SE Seattle. These may include:
--Virtual office, back office, and business incubator models
--Cultural or arts spaces, live/work, studio, performance or gallery space, possibly in a mixed-use development
--Mixed-use retail space that creates local jobs, attracts culturally-diverse clients and international/foreign investors
--Potential developments with public sector, community and non-profit partners
More to come!
Happy Investing!

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