Thursday, June 6, 2013

Green Development

What a beautiful week it has been in Seattle! I have been riding my electric bicycle everywhere, and even spent a whole day on an Argosy boat in the Puget Sound earning clock hours. Seriously. Thank you Independent Brokers Association and NWMLS for organizing such a delightful day of training!

Do we live in a great city, or what? And Seattleites tend to be especially eco-friendly and environmentally-savvy. It is tough not to be outdoorsy when you have world-class scenery, recreation and amenities like this literally outside your front door. Spectacular views of water and snow-capped volcanic peaks lure us to outdoor adventure, poetry, and spiritual renewal.

Perhaps it is the dreary weather the rest of the year that inspires us to become political activists, and to think up ways to try to change the world. Not surprisingly, several of the real estate clock hour classes I have been taking lately have to do with energy conservation, energy efficiency, green development, and low impact development.

We love this planet. We want to find ways to live that are sustainable and healthy. Seattle is ahead of the curve in many of these areas. Ask me about ways to purchase or retrofit your home to make it more energy efficient, cost effective, and good for the planet.

Happy investing!

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