Monday, December 5, 2016

Seattle Tops in Appreciation

SEATTLE’S NUMBER 1!!!  Great news if you’re already a homeowner…not very good news if you’re looking to buy in the near future.  Case-Shiller reported that Seattle’s year over year appreciation rate of 11% in September was number ONE in the country.  We had been trailing Portland’s appreciation rate for most of the year, but in September the greater Seattle Metro area became number one with an appreciation rate of 11%.  Portland was close behind at 10.9%, but no one else was even close - no other metro city in the nation was even in the double digits…The Northwest is officially HOT! 

We all know Seattle has had a good run as of the past few years, but to put things in perspective, Greater Seattle Metro is now in the top 5 for most expensive regions to purchase a house – more expensive than Greater Boston, Greater New York, and Greater DC.  That said, we’re still a bargain for West Coast Homebuyers – Case-Shiller reported the four regions still ahead of Seattle are San Jose, San Francisco, LA, and San Diego.

Happy Investing!

Today's blog courtesy of Kyle Bergquist, Guild Mortgage

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