Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Retirement on a Budget

I was pleasantly surprised to read the recommendations by syndicated columnist Scott Burns regarding best investments for a retiree living on Social Security. He advised consideration be given to three major levers on retirement expenses:

  • The biggest single expense for retirees is shelter. He advised purchasing a manufactured home in a resident-owned community, common in Florida and California. It is possible to purchase one with land for under $60,000 and have monthly ownership expenses under $300/mo. This is but one option.
  • Another option is :"expense sharing," which is really communal living. As someone who rents out furnished rooms where I live, this was something I have enjoyed doing for many years before anyone ever heard of Airbnb or couch-surfing. Burns explains, "This suggestion usually brings cries of 'yuck' from readers, but those without adequate retirement income can 'create' income by developing their social skills and learning what it means to be amiable."
  • And finally, becoming more of a smart shopper.
The "sharing economy" is the way of the future, and it was affirming to see it promoted in this way.

Happy Investing!

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