Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Seller Questionnaire

If you need to sell your Seattle house, you may want to talk with someone who both lists and buys houses in your area. To match you up with the right buyer, please complete the attached questionnaire:

Name ____________________________________________________________________________________

Address __________________________________________________________________________________

Phone ____________________________________________________________________________________

What are you asking for the house? _____________________________________________________________

If we were to have your house appraised, what do you think it would be worth? __________________________

When would you like to close? ________________________________________________________________

Does the house need repairs? __________________________________________________________________

How many bedrooms and bathrooms? ___________________________________________________________

What is the approximate square footage? ________________________________________________________

What is the construction? _____________________________________________________________________

What is your current loan balance? ___________________________  Payment?_______________________________

Are you offering any terms?___________________________________________________________________

Would you consider a lease option if we can't buy if we guarantee your payments and maintenance? __________________________________________________________________________________________

Please submit this information confidentially in a private email to, and investment broker Wendy Ceccherelli will be back in touch with you shortly to discuss several possible options to purchase.

Happy Investing!

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