Friday, August 12, 2016

Summer Time Project

Ahhh, summer time!
If you have been missing some of my regular blogs, it is because I have been working on my new waterfront vacation house. Internet service is yet to be connected.

But here is a photo of the current major project: building safer wooden steps that lead from the house down a steep trail to the waterfront on little Lake Walker, a non-motorized 12-acre lake at the foot of Mt Enumclaw in King County, WA.

New drop ceiling panels will be going in; the overgrown yard has been tamed, revealing a large fire pit and access to 48' of lakefront with a dock (also needing repair); roof maintenance, which includes resealing paint on top; sealing up any places for rodents to enter; and some cosmetic painting.

So thankful to have some financial partners who really know construction!

Happy Investing!

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