Friday, May 13, 2016

Easy Fixes, Maximum Proceeds

We all want to make the most money we can when selling our home. Talking to your Real Estate Professional will always be best, but you may want to consider:

Curb Appeal
The first impression is always the most important. Mow the lawn, repair the bare spots and trim the edges. Add new mulch around trees and shrubs. Invest in a few dozen inexpensive flowers and plants if the season permits it. Replace the welcome mat.

Look for pesky drips and leaks
Make inexpensive plumbing repairs BEFORE showing the house. Fix that leaky sprinkler head that sprays the sidewalk and replace that dripping bathroom faucet.

Clean the carpets
Clean carpets look, feel and smell better. Replace small entrance rugs with new ones.

Replace screens
New screens are low priced and can make the exterior look fresh and new.

Replace any cracked or broken windows
You'll usually have to do this anyway as part of closing the deal. Of course, all the windows should be cleaned thoroughly to give that shiny new feel. Even a brand new house that's dirty will fetch a lower price.

A bit of spackle and a coat of paint on rooms that have seen accidents needn't cost a lot and don't take a lot of effort.

Just a few inexpensive home improvements can result in more profit when listing your home. After all, shouldn't your home put its best foot forward, before the buyers do?
Accessorize Your Deck for Flair and Function
With just a few accessories and a little furniture planning, any deck can be transformed into a great outdoor living room. Consider these ideas for making the most out of your deck. 

• Take advantage of shade-from trees, from the house; shade will keep you cooler.

• Add bright color cushions to outdoor seating.

• Consider adding a new outdoor living rug made for patios.

• Look for outdoor storage containers that double as benches.

• Add ambiance lighting with outdoor hurricane type candle holders that keep the wind away from the flame or try an oil-based candle.

• Look for lamps made specifically for outdoor uses on tabletops, or micro light strips for around the steps.

• Add solar powered up-lights to high-light specific garden spots or trees.
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Happy Investing!

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