Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Federal Way

Many local investors look to cities like Federal Way to provide more affordable real estate opportunities in Western Washington. Federal Way is a city in King County, Washington, located between Seattle and Tacoma. A median home in Federal Way sells for $315,000 as compared to $530,000 in the city of Seattle.

It looks like some of the big boy investors have caught on to Federal Way as well:

Weyerhaeuser officials announced in August 2014 that they would move their Federal Way-based headquarters to Seattle in mid-to-late 2016, citing the too-large 430-acre campus and lack of enough talent in Federal Way as the main reasons for that decision. Officials have since confirmed they will make the move to 200 Occidental Seattle this summer.

Until then, Industrial Realty Group will lease the five-story building to Weyerhaeuser. After its move, the company will maintain a presence in the Technology Center under a lease with Industrial Realty Group.

Industrial Realty Group owns more than 120 properties in 28 states with more than 100 million square feet of space. The company is currently the master developer for the National Football League’s Hall of Fame Village, which includes the renovation of the Pro Football Hall of Fame Field.

So does this mean exciting opportunities are on their way to Federal Way?

Maybe. Smart investors know to keep their eyes on trends and the paths of progress. If you are interested in Federal Way real estate for sale, please message me privately at

Happy Investing!

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