Monday, April 6, 2015

Seattle Growth

Have you been to downtown Seattle lately? I hardly recognize the north-end neighborhoods with all the construction going on. There is no doubt that Seattle is prosperous when one notices all the new building and construction fences.

But where exactly is this new development happening? It seems as if it is all over Seattle, but is it?

The Sunday Seattle Times reported on a cool new website designed by Ethan Phelps-Goodman, formerly of Facebook, which displays every big new development project as a pin on a map of the city of Seattle. charts all the developments from day one of the development application through permitting and construction, based on daily updates from City records.

Currently there are 476 large-scale development projects in the works in Seattle - and exactly ONE of which is located in Rainier Beach: MINE. My Van Gogh Studio Lofts mixed-use commercial development is currently stalled because of the dramatic increase in construction costs over the past year - due, of course, to the boom in local construction.

To say that there is a significant difference between development in downtown Seattle north, versus south Seattle, would be an understatement. Just look at the map:

But I digress....

Check out this really cool website,, to see what's happening in your Seattle neighborhood. Click on any pin on the map to instantly see the architect's vision for the property, review documents, and connect to the City Department of Planning and Development to comment.

Happy Investing!

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