Friday, April 3, 2015

Real Estate Expertise

To become an expert on housing in my Seattle market, I study and write regular market reports and blogs, analyzing the data to give my opinion. I have worked for the City of Seattle, and lived in six different Seattle neighborhoods. I own income property in four different Seattle neighborhoods. I am attuned to this market and have indeed become the local Seattle real estate expert.

This research not only gives me something to blog about, but I can converse easily with builders, buyers, sellers and other real estate professionals because I know the facts and how they have impacted the area.

I have educated myself and it can only help me serve my real estate clients better. Writing regular market reports has big payoffs both professionally and personally for real estate professionals. My focus and study give me confidence and expertise, that I apply both to my personal investing and for my clients.

Geographical Farming

Successful real estate agents develop their business in a specific area or market demographic. They "farm" the area for business. The term farm implies growing something. That's what you do when you farm a local area. You plant the seeds of future business by nurturing them with marketing. Farming can involve any or all of direct mail, door knocking, postcards, newsletters, email or any other form of advertising.

I have focused on different Seattle neighborhoods where I live and invest. I also farm specific zipcodes for which I am a Zillow premier agent.

To become an expert on the new homes in my market is to first be aware of their existence while being built. I build a relationship with builders/architects by talking to them about their plans and how their homes stand out from the other new homes coming into my market area. Writing blogs about the new home construction in the market area, is a good way to reinforce and share that expertise.

The reasons a home buyer should work with a professional are:

· It's free

· It's Convenient

· Market Knowledge

o Understanding the local market is key to finding the best home at the best price possible. Market knowledge is something that isn't easily attained in a short period of time.

· Professional Negotiation

o Making an offer and negotiating with a seller is by far one of the most specialized parts of the home buying process. This is a skill that isn't easily attained in a short period of time.

· Professional Connections

o When it's time to go to closing the buyer will need the expertise of a number of professionals such as:

§ Lenders

§ Escrow/Title Companies

§ Inspectors

§ Appraisers

§ Surveyors

o Buyer's agents have a network of these professionals with whom he/she has formed a business relationship to assist their clients. A homebuyer gets access to our network rather than having to research and build relationships from scratch.

In addition, your real estate professional has:

· Insider Knowledge

· Access to Comparable Market Sales

· Can Help Identifying Client Needs

· Knowledge of Industry Standards, Legalities and Writing Up Offers and Contracts

The minimal skills that clients want in a broker would be:

· Honesty and Integrity

· Knowledge of Purchase Process

· Responsiveness

· Knowledge of the Real Estate Market

· Communication Skills

· Negotiation Skills

To learn more about working with me to purchase or sell your next Seattle property, send a private message to Wendy at

Happy Investing!

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