Monday, April 13, 2015

Never, Never, Never Give Up

Quitters never win, and winners never quit.

I am continually amazed to see potential wasted in so many people. They appear to be on a successful track, and then suddenly stop showing up. They appear to have a focus, a clear direction, and then decide they have other priorities.

Somehow they think that they can "stay in the game" without putting in the work.

Sometimes they quit before they even get started. Sometimes they quit right before the finish line. This always baffles me.

Microsoft recently announced another round of layoffs. An estimated 14% of the Microsoft workforce, some 18,000 jobs, will be eliminated. For those suddenly laid off, the reality is that they are no longer in control of their own destiny. What they choose to do next will determine their future.

Many will not be able to command the high salaries in their next job that they earned at Microsoft. Some will think about starting their own business. Even fewer will actually do it.

Of those that do start a business, the majority will fail. And not because they did not have the resources, the intellect, or the potential to succeed. They fail because they just simply give up.

I run a direct sales company in the travel industry, in addition to my real estate brokerage and investing. This reality is as true in either business or industry. The majority of fellow entrepreneurs in my industry will fail simply because they are afraid to succeed, because they quit rather than persevere.

One of the coaches in my travel business said, "The success of your business is directly related to the number of people you show." How many people did you call today? They may or may not make a buying decision; that you cannot control. But what you can control is making those calls, showing your product, attending trainings to become better, and doing the behaviors that lead to success.

As an entrepreneur, you have to realize that you will have to learn your business, pay your dues and put in the work you need to do to be successful. You may not get paid at all during this phase (W2 employees can hardly imagine what it must be like to not have a paycheck every week). It most definitely involves sacrifice.

Most people are not willing or able to make that sacrifice. But for those who do, the rewards will be substantial.

Here's the rub: you cannot quit. Make a long-term commitment and get good at what you need to do. Block your time and show up.

Just do it! and never, never, never give up....

Happy Investing!

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