Thursday, November 13, 2014

More Short Sale Information

It is possible you may not need to do a short sale, as I can buy properties that are underwater or have no equity. That is another option for Sellers to consider as an alternative to a short sale. But of course, I cannot buy EVERY underwater property, and some will not meet my criteria. For these sellers, the best option may be a short sale, rather than bankruptcy or foreclosure.

Here are a few more good links for anyone who is contemplating a short sale.

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Price Reduction Strategies in Short Sales in 2014

What a Seller Should Know About Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) and Its Impact in a Short Sale 

If you would like to know whether your house might qualify for purchase by an investor like me, please message me privately at Your inquiry will be treated with confidentiality. Know your options!

Happy Investing.

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