Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Foreclosures in WA State

Here are a few good links for any seller facing the prospect of foreclosure in Washington State:

You Just Received a Notice of Default in the State of Washington... What to Do?

You Just Received a Notice of Trustee Sale in the State of Washington…What to Do?

What Debts (Liens) Go Away in the Mon-Judicial Foreclosure Process in Washington?

What Happens to the Deficiency Debt after Foreclosure in Washington in 2014?

Is There Life after Foreclosure or a Short Sale in 2014?       [HOT TOPIC!!]

What Are the Tenants’ Rights in a Foreclosure in Washington State in 2014?  [HOT TOPIC!!!]

Danger: Why You Should See an Attorney before Giving Your Lender Your Financial Information

How to Select the Correct Attorney to Fit Your Needs When Selling Your Property in a Short Sale in 2014

How to Pay for Short Sale Negotiation Services in 2014

The Foreclosure Process in Washington State from Start to Finish in 2014

There is money to be made from foreclosed properties, but be savvy about the laws around dealing with foreclosures in your state.

Happy Investing.

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