Monday, November 24, 2014

Green Development in Seattle

This was my view on my sunrise bicycle commute over Lake Washington this morning. You will notice the other cyclist on the left side of this photo, also commuting in by bicycle early this morning.

I love living where I can easily commute by bicycle or by other means of alternate transportation. Seattle is especially attuned to environmental awareness, and it is becoming a more and more bike-friendly city. Riding a bicycle to work or play is good for the environment, good exercise, much more affordable and fun than driving alone.

It is also a good example of green development. If you live close to where you work, you save money and save the earth. You pollute less and exercise more.

I have been taking a lot of real estate classes recently on Low Impact Development (LID), Transit-Oriented Development (TOD), and green development. All are closely aligned to living a more comfortable and sustainable life.

My most recent class was this past Friday, understanding the new listing input fields for green development that have been incorporated into the standard NWMLS real estate forms. The NWMLS is recognizing that green development is the wave of the future. Collecting this data through their standard forms will provide better information about the premium that consumers are willing to pay for built-green construction. This data will also make it easier for clients to search for homes that meet their environmental standards.

Fiona Douglas-Hamilton is the lead instructor for the majority of the green development classes that have been offered to the real estate and appraisal professionals in the Seattle Area. Many of her courses are offered free through the generous sponsorship of supporters such as Green Canopy Homes. For more information on green development education for real estate professionals, please visit Fiona's website at

Happy Investing!

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