Thursday, October 16, 2014

Home Land Investment Properties

At our staff retreat yesterday, I presented the vision for my real estate investment company, and here it is:

Vision for Home Land Investment Properties, Inc.

·         Investment and Income Focus: The brokerage will focus on finding investment-worthy Seattle properties for purchase by its owner, employees, other investors and investment-savvy buyers. These clients will also be encouraged to list the properties with our brokerage when they sell.

o   Wendy Ceccherelli, in partnership with mortgage lender Cheryl Taylor, will continue to market for properties in the hottest zip codes of Seattle.
o   Ceccherelli hopes to purchase at least one long-term hold every year, that generates $ per month (4 minimum)
o   The brokerage will continue to look for off-market properties to buy through direct mail campaigns, Andy Heller post-foreclosure, and other methods. Sellers with whom we are unable to negotiate a purchase may be referred to outside brokers.
·         Residual Income: The brokerage will support business opportunities that generate passive or residual income year after year. This may include some property management, as well as business opportunities such as WorldVentures. 

o   Property management will be focused on Seattle properties owned by employees, loyal clients, and potential sellers; with less emphasis on expanding property management beyond these parameters.

Mentorship/ Bringing Wealth and Success to Others: The brokerage will be known for its expertise in real estate investing, due to visibility by its employees at real estate investment trainings and association meetings; publications in blogs, magazines, and eBooks; speaking at investment events.

For more information on how you as a real estate investor or entrepreneur might participate in our company offerings, please message Wendy Ceccherelli privately at or call 888-621-4999.

Happy Investing!

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