Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Seller Financing for Your Property

I will buy almost any property, in any condition, in any location AND will pay a seller more than what it is currently worth IF the seller can carry the paper. Why is that?

My partners and I focus exclusively on purchasing owner-financed income-producing properties mainly in Seattle, and the greater Seattle area. Owner financing allows us to purchase more properties, buy them more quickly, and use more different exit strategies than under conventional financing. For a seller, owner financing may allow for a higher price, greater profit, quicker exit, less expense, and lower taxes than if sold conventionally. For older sellers, it may preserve eligibility for Medicaid, in the event that is needed in the future.

If you are considering carrying the financing on your properties, commercial or residential, I am happy to talk. FREE book on seller financing available to anyone with a property to sell, who is willing to consider owner financing. Just email me privately at, with your contact information, including the address of the property you would like to sell.

Happy Investing!

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