Saturday, August 25, 2012

Orientation for New Real Estate Investors

On September 15, REAPS will host another half-day orientation for new investors. This training is absolutely free, open to both members and non-members, and provides a great overview of resources and opportunities available through your real estate investor association.

Anyone who wants to learn more about real estate investing, and about the Real Estate Association of Puget Sound, is welcome.

We will cover the history, structure, and leadership of REAPS, presented by board members and practicing real estate investors Angelique Tinney and Mike Sumsky. Angelique is Chair of the REAPS board, a long-time REAPS board member, and works in the King County Tax Assessor’s Office. She holds a Washington state real estate license, and is currently building new residential on a subdivided lot on the East side. She is a great resource for any questions related to property taxes, tax lots, subdivision, or property values in King County.

In the orientation, Angelique will also talk about REAPS membership in the National Real Estate Investment Association, and how this might benefit investors locally as well as with any out-of-state investing. She will also cover volunteerism and ways to get involved through REAPS.

Mike Sumsky is one of the founders of REI Kitsap, facilitator of the monthly Kitsap meetings, and an expert in lease options and private lending for residential investments. He will be talking about the educational opportunities available for investors through REAPS, including monthly and satellite meetings, professional ethics in the investing industry, and creating credibility through participation in the Professional Housing Provider program offered through REAPS.

Joe Brown and Jordan Reeder are professional business partners involved in commercial acquisition and multifamily syndication in Oklahoma and Texas. They are the “go-to” guys when it comes to membership benefits of REAPS. They can tell you how to maximize your visibility in front of other investors and lenders, and how to save lots of money on those residential flips through skillful use of the many REAPS member benefits. They can even show the novice investor how to set up their back-office systems using REAPS benefits.

Dawnya Ikerd is a shy, but unusually successful real estate networker. Virtually every position in real estate she has held recently has been thanks to her networking through REAPS. She oversees the partnership program of REAPS, which provides great opportunities for corporate visibility in front of investors. She will cover opportunities like advertisement and articles in the monthly magazine, and speaking opportunities in front of the REAPS membership, for any investor looking for business connections and greater visibility.

Todd McMeckin, who also works at the King County assessor’s office and who invests in North Dakota real estate, will be helping out at the registration table for this free event.

A no-holds barred, question and answer session follows at the end of the orientation, for any burning questions that a new investor may care to ask. All will be facilitated and moderated by yours truly, and my bio follows at the end of this blog.

This orientation is now required for anyone who wants to volunteer through REAPS. Please invite your family, friends and loved ones – anyone who cares about you and this wacky new direction you are pursuing. Or anyone else who may be interested in real estate investing. Because space is limited, we ask that attendees please pre-register.

The meeting is held from 10:30am – 1pm, Saturday, September 15 at the Lake City Library in Seattle. There is plenty of free parking. Visit for more details.

Wendy Ceccherelli is the volunteer membership coordinator for REAPS. She has been a full-time real estate investor since 2006, and is the designated real estate broker for Home Land Investment Properties, Inc. Prior to her career in real estate, she spent twenty-five years as a government arts funder. More information on real estate topics may be found on her website at

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