Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Real Estate Brokerage for the Arts

As the former Executive Director of the Seattle Arts Commission, I understand the need for creative and alternative living and working space for practicing artists.
That is why I am starting a division of my real estate brokerage for working specifically with the arts and other creative class members.

ArtHaven will secure Seattle properties for artists, small arts groups, and cultural workers to rent, lease or purchase for cultural use.

We seek out the kinds of residential and commercial spaces that work well for adaptive re-use as live/work space, assembly halls, music and choral stages, offices, studio and production space.

We can buy properties in either pristine or “as is” condition, as my prospective clients and I have experience in fixing up and improving properties. To us, that is a great way to contribute to the neighborhood and earn sweat equity by investing time and energy in restoring or converting a building to a cultural use.

We are especially interested in properties that could be purchased “as-is” with seller financing, down payment assistance, contract for deed (installment payments), or even long-term leasing, preferably with the option to purchase. This helps keep the costs affordable for our "creative class" clients.

If you are looking for space to buy at an affordable price, or have space to sell or lease that might work for artists, small arts groups, or other cultural workers, please contact Wendy Ceccherelli at or 206-355-1706.

Please leave comments below if you have suggestions, or are interested in working with us.

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