Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sell Houses Fast using the "SOLD" method!

In today's economy, everyone is running for cover hoping to wait outthis recession before it breaks them. Refuse to participate in thisdownturn! There are smart ways to continue to prosper, sell your housein record time, and keep that necessary cash flow spigot open. Excess inventory and falling market prices can be turned to your advantagewith a very simple system that William Bronchik calls “the S.O.L.D. system. “ This is the system that the best investors use, those 20 % of wealth generators who seem to consistently outperform everyone, even in the worst times. Any house can be sold at a fair price within 30 days using this system- even now. The basic principles of the SOLD system are:
S- Salesmanship- how to best market and present your property and close the deal
O- Owner Financing- many people don't have large down payments available, but may be able to buy if the owner accepts part of his equity in payments rather than large cash closings. A larger pool of potential buyers obviously increases the likelihood of a sell!
L- Lease/Options - rising interest rates have resulted in greater rental enthusiasm, with the benefit of higher rental rates. You can lease/option to avoid broker fees and pay no commission upon sale.
D- Dressing it Up- Staging gives your propertythe extra "wow factor" to promote quick sales for the optimal price. Confidence is often the key to success.

Let me help you make your property profitable despite any gloomy economic outlook!

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