Friday, October 23, 2009

Boys and Their Toys

Enquiring minds want to know? Do men really use their gigabyte better?With the growing use of technology in all business endeavors, do menplay the game better? Let's add a few more idioms.... do men do, andwomen just talk about it? Is it really a man's world?Since 60% of the real estate agents are women, are they at adisadvantage with the computer age? Men, typically described as moreanalytical, and "left brained", more logical and objective, are oftenseen as surpassing women in their use of modern technology, internet,and web based marketing. This is particularly compelling when bumpedup against the research that online marketing dollars spent correlatedirectly with the amount of revenue produced. Surprising to some,research does not indicate a significant difference in how men andwomen use computers in business applications. Men may indeed play thegame, but women do seem to know the score, and are as savvy as men inusing computers to their advantage in the real estate world. Maybe thenew idiom in the real estate world should be "behind every successfulwoman is a surprised man." But the critical factor to remember isonline marketing works, and it is an important tool in any real estate arsenal.

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