Thursday, June 22, 2017

Lakefront Reality TV

Last year, I purchased one of only two lakefront properties in King County that sold for under $200K. Right now, I am listing a lakefront parcel for sale for under $100K. So I have attracted the attention of HGTV.

If you are planning to buy King County waterfront for under $500k (all in), and are under 40 years of age, you may be interested in this opportunity:

My name is Justin Turner and I am a Casting Associate at Magilla Entertainment, a NYC-based TV production company that produces HGTV's Lakefront Bargain Hunt & Lakefront Bargain Hunt: Renovation. I’m contacting you because we are currently casting upcoming seasons of both series on Washington Lakes!

Both shows take viewers on a personalized house hunt following homebuyers, with their agents, searching for their dream lake house -- all for a bargain price! In each Lakefront Bargain Hunt: Renovation episode, the 2nd half hour covers the renovation.

For Lakefront Bargain Hunt, we are looking for agents who are working with buyers (who are 40 years old or under) who have who have purchased lakefront or direct lake access houses for under $500K, within the past 6 months or who are actively searching.

For Lakefront Bargain Hunt: Renovation, we are looking for buyers who recently purchased a lakefront or lake view home and plan to renovate. The total price for the home and renovations must be under $500K and can have been purchased within the past six months OR are currently closing on a home that they are planning to renovate. We are interested in buyers who have not started their renovations yet, but have a budget to do so and are planning on starting this summer or fall. 

For both series, we will be featuring the agent and the clients in their own episode. Compensation will be provided for both agents and homebuyers for any network-approved stories.

For more information on purchasing King County waterfront, or to participate in this opportunity with me, send a private message to

Happy Investing!

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