Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Homebuyer Housing Trivia

  • Half the homebuyers in the US are under 36 years old & 47% are first-time buyers.
  • 83% of buyers are shopping for single-family houses with top considerations being affordability and being in a safe neighborhood. 
  • Only 46% of buyers secure the first property they put an offer on, otherwise the average search takes up to 4.2 months!
  • More than 50% of all homeowners purchase a property that needs updates.
  • Sellers' top regret is that they didn't take more time to prepare for a sale.
  • 63% of all sellers are listing a home for the first time and 38% of all sellers are members of Generation X.
  • While looking for a property to rent, 58% of renters also consider buying.
  • Renters spend an average of 10.4 weeks searching for a home, and they contact 5 landlords while submitting 3 applications during the process.
Happy Investing!

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