Thursday, October 6, 2016

Attention, Seattle Sellers!

Are you interested in selling your Seattle property?

I both list and buy houses. I do offer a guaranteed sales price at which I will buy a house if it does not sell. In order to qualify for my guaranteed sales program, your house must be listed for sale at or below median home value for your neighborhood.

I would be happy to discuss either of these options with you – without any obligation on your part that you sell your house at all, if you do not receive an offer that meets your needs.

In fact, when I work with long-time homeowners, they do not need to fix up, repair or prepare their properties for the market. I buy houses “as is,” and I pay for all maintenance and repair. Often, I will provide moving services, especially for elderly clients who need help packing and moving to a new location. I can also make an offer that would not require the seller to move out right away, and you could choose your own moving date, knowing that the house has been sold.

Don't risk making the wrong choices and losing both time and money on your property. Before you hire any other realtor, let me show you how much more I can do for you! I am happy to talk with you without any further obligation or pressure regarding the options I can offer, either to list or purchase your house from you.

For a free no-obligation consultation, please contact:

Wendy Ceccherelli

Investment Broker, Century 21 Northwest Realty

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