Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Wilderness Hideaway

NWMLS # 962098
Listed for $249,000
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1.       Personally I like the calm and quiet especially in the morning.  Just a few sounds from birds and a few chipmunks.  They drive my dog to distraction.  But it’s the peace really.  And it doesn’t matter if it’s in the spring/summer like now or in the fall/winter.  They all have their own special qualities.  But if I had to pick I’d probably go with the fall.  I love the sun rises and the sunlight as it cascades across our property and I like the changing of the leaves.  The changing of the season up here is amazing.  The light changes, the feel in the air 
become brisker and even the aromas in the forest seems to become more clear and clean. 

2.      I even like the rain.  Of course being raised in the northwest I’m more use to it than many but its ok and when we’re up here I love the sounds it makes.  On the cabin, the fish pond and even on the maple leaves.  It’s very relaxing. 

3.      Also in the rain I get to enjoy the seasonal creek that runs down the entire property pass the sauna that was built halfway down our property with a collecting pond next to the small building.  There’s even a small concrete bridge that was decorated by the previous owner.  Peaceful and serene are just two words that fit this scene.  It’s probably the most picturesque part of the overall property.  But I’ve taken hundreds of photos over the years of all the beauty that exists up here.  Incredible really.

4.      I like what we’ve done up here.  We took over the property after the previous owner had done a lot to the property like building the exterior of the main cabin, the room on stilts what we use as a studio and guest room when our friends bring their kids up and how he set up the water system.  The engineering is wonderful and has never failed up once.  But it might be what my wife and I did on the inside.  It was used as the owner’s workshop and while extremely sturdy and safe he left the interior pretty bare.  We took it on and with the help of some professionals with the plumbing and electrical we designed, framed, insulated, sheet rocked, painted, tiled and decorated it far beyond what the original realtor could recognize when she first saw it again.  My wife is an interior designer and with what she brought to the table as well as my ‘handyman’ skills we did well.  Very well.  It is one of my favorite things about the cabin.

5.      I like being able to bring my grandchildren up here and enjoy the holidays.  They always seem to find it magical and they never get bored.  One of my favorites was an Easter not long ago and I told them the Easter bunny had been living in a magical building.  The sauna.  And that after lunch I’m sure we could find some Easter eggs. Including a special stash in the ‘Bunny’s’ House.   Grandpa and Grandma hit a home run that day. 

6.      I also like the people around Brinnon as well.  It is a small town don’t get me wrong and they enjoy it.  I think I could write a book about the different personalities.  The wildlife photographer and his wife who delivers the mail, the retired construction worker who helped me with some special framing who lives on his boat and had the most incredible lab, and the women who own the Halfway house the restaurant ‘in town’.  Their staff that is more friendly and funny than most places you’ll find anywhere.  They also care.  When my wife contracted breast cancer they all knew and some sent cards and some really sweet messages.  When we finally got back on Sunday morning they all stopped as she came in and a couple clapped and several hugged her.  Pretty nice if you ask me.

7.      I love having our dog Annie up here.  She loves to run and the five acres is perfect for her and some walks that we make.  During our construction phase there were creative differences between the designer and construction team.  Walks with Annie in the woods was very therapeutic. 

8.      Oh yes, I like the little fish pond right outside our door.  It’s not huge and we only have a dozen or so gold fish swimming around but they’ve been there for three years and seem to be doing well.  They have roommates in the form of 3-4 frogs that huddle in a little pagoda or on the rocks surrounding the pond.  I make sure we always have food on hand for the fish.  The frogs are on their own.  One spring morning after a light rain I came out the door and stood under the fir tree next to the pond and listened to the last few drops hit the water in the pond.  I yawned and clapped my wakes to help me wake up and a large Bard owl swooped out from a lower branch less than a foot from me.  Gets the blood running I’ll tell you.  But the beauty of watching the owl take flight was incredible.  I followed it and took a few pictures but watching with its silent flight in the wild is something I’ll never forget.  I guess I might have disturbed his morning visit to the sushi bar.  Lucky fish.

9.      The Elk are magnificent.  We know they walk through our property but never when we’re there.  They are peaceful and know about us way before we know where they are.   A small herd came walking up our road one afternoon while we were driving out for a short visit with the wildlife photographer and his wife for dinner.  You can only guess who had the right of way.  It truly is a wonderful experience.  They also been on the pasture just as the bottom of our property.  We’ll stop usually until they move on but this one time we moved slowly through them and got some gorgeous photos. 

10.  To round out my top ten and there are many more.  I like the different things to do around here.  All kinds of family things and some nice things for mom and dad to do as well.  The rivers, the canal which offers all types to activities, kayaking is my favorite, hiking through one of most beautiful National Parks in the world, or Heading up to Port Townsend for a day catching an outdoor concert are just a few of my favorite things about this area. 

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