Monday, May 2, 2016

Accountability for the New Investor

How many of you have wholesaled at least one property before?
How many of you are brand new to real estate and do not own any property?
How many of you own your primary residence?
How many of you own your primary residence, and 1-3 rental properties?
How many of you own your primary residence, and at least one commercial property?
Who owns more than four properties, commercial or residential?
Is anyone doing land development?

For many investors, simply deciding WHAT they want to do is a big hurdle; for some, it is the idea of buying their first primary residence, or finding more affordable housing, or generating quick cash. Some want to know about getting or using their real estate license.
For others who know what to do, the key to success is simply taking action. Some fear or belief is holding many investors back from taking that first step. Plus, real estate investing IS NOT EASY, and investors need to focus on the realities of perseverance through frustration and rejection.

REAPS is offering its 30-day challenge to investors of all abilities and experience during the month of May at each of its four satellite meetings in Fife, Everett, Bremerton and Bellingham. These meetings would also target REAPS membership tools designed to help investors move forward in their real estate investment efforts, and would identify other investors who might be able to partner or participate on a new investor's real estate team.

These sessions would give each participant an opportunity to identify their own next steps in the next 30 days, and identify an accountability partner to help. These challenges have been offered the past two years, and have been exceptionally well-received. Sign up to attend one of these meetings at

Happy Investing!

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