Friday, March 4, 2016

Seattle Wholesaling Opportunity

Would you like to learn the business of real estate investment wholesaling? Are you looking for the high yields of real estate without the hassle of being a landlord? Are you interested in starting in real estate investment with no money, no credit, and no real estate experience required of you?

Would you like access to the NWMLS to help identify qualified investment properties?

Are you interested and available to work in the Seattle real estate market?

If you said yes to any of the above questions, this blog post is for you!!!!

I love teaching and I love real estate investing.  Put those skills together and here's an offer that you will love...

Here's where it gets interesting!

For the most part, I don't sell coaching and I don't sell educational books and tapes and seminars.   I buy and sell real estate investments.  I am a great teacher, but I make my money actually doing deals.  

I am looking for a wholesaler willing to walk specific Seattle neighborhoods for me to find vacant, neglected and fixer properties that I can buy. You must be in good physical shape for walking, and have reliable transportation to get you to Seattle locations.

I have specific buying criteria, that include finding Seattle properties with either NO equity or with lots of equity. As a wholesaler, I will provide you with the tools to find the properties and to qualify the leads, through research on the NWMLS. You will be paid $50 for every qualified lead you find, whether or not it leads to a closed transaction on my part. Additional bonuses are paid whenever you submit ten qualified leads.

I'll teach you literally everything I know about wholesaling investment real estate during the process.  Here's my background for those of you who don't know me:

Wendy Ceccherelli is a full-time real estate investor, and owner / broker with Home Land Investment Properties, Inc. As the volunteer membership coordinator for the Real Estate Association of Puget Sound, Wendy writes monthly articles for new investors in the REAPS newsletter, oversees membership recruitment and retention efforts, and provides training for new investors to prepare them for their first investments. 

She is a serial entrepreneur, commercial developer and former principal with Van Gogh Development Corporation. She invests in single family, multifamily and commercial properties in the Seattle area. She also runs her own vacation travel and lifestyle business. Wendy spent over twenty-five years as an executive in both the private sector and in four different municipalities, distributing almost $15 million in government and private funding. 

She has served on over 40 civic boards and commissions in leadership roles, and is experienced in entrepreneurship. In addition, she is a commercially-rated hot air balloon pilot, licensed yoga fitness instructor, and past President of the Seattle SAKE dragon boat club. This April she will compete as a paddler at Club Crew World Championships in Adelaide Australia.

With over ten years of real estate transactional experience in my background, hopefully you see this level of mentorship is an even more valuable offering than the property itself.  It's certainly a unique offering that you won't find anywhere else and it's only going to be made available to one or two investors. 

Here's the proposition in a nutshell.... You learn how to find and qualify investment property below market price, get paid for your efforts, and get some world class investor education in the process.   I get leads for properties that I can buy, list or refer out. We both win!  
If you're looking for a significant real estate mentor relationship, this could be the opportunity for you.   I don't sell real estate mentoring outside of a transactional relationship.   My motto is "learn by doing".  Here's your opportunity to earn while you learn. 

If you've read this far and you're still intrigued by the idea of acquiring mentoring AND wholesaling residential income property, here are some action steps for you:

If you're ready to explore the idea of mentorship through wholesaling income producing property, send me a SHORT email with what you're hoping to accomplish. Email should include:
  • your name and all relevant contact information
  • your goals and experience to date with real estate 
  • at least two personal references
Send your email to me at - and no phone calls please!
I look forward to working with you!
Happy Investing!

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