Thursday, November 19, 2015

Good in the World

What difference does your real estate investing make to your community?

Last night I attended the memorial service for a former colleague of mine, another real estate investor, and an amazing entrepreneur. Her pastor of 15 years described her as a model of a saint. She was classy, elegant, compassionate and loving. When I met her, she defined her "why" as her desire to raise enough money to build a new kitchen for her church to feed the hungry and the homeless. She jumped into this new business fueled with a vision much larger than her own. At her service, we heard testimonials from people the world have given up on - but this lady had not. Her death is a great loss to our world.

If you are to be successful in any business, your vision must be larger than yourself. You must solve problems for people, you must care, and you must bring other people along with you. How you define your business model must include these components, or you will not truly succeed.

As you look at the work you do every day, ask yourself:
How much good is my work doing for the world?

Then go make it happen!

Happy Investing!

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