Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Schools Make You Stupid

Robert Kiyosaki has some harsh words for public education. Financial literacy, how to get ahead in life, how to manage finances,and how to accumulate wealth are all things ignored by the schools. In his opinion, the public education system is based on the Industrial Age, focused on turning farmers into employees.

Here are a few ways on how Kiyosaki claims that going to school makes you stupid:
Cooperation is essential to success in business. Yet in school, cooperation is viewed as cheating.

The goal of a successful life should be to help your friend up, by cooperating, and by teaching paths to success.

School punishes the person who makes the most mistakes.
Yet, Kiyosaki suggests that the opposite of mistakes is practice. You can practice everyday to be an entrepreneur; as Kiyosaki says, "practice on idiots...." or those that refuse to learn from their mistakes.

He has failed many times as an entrepreneur. But "I am successful because I make mistakes, and I learned from them."

He recalled that everyday as a marine, they practiced crashing. When the market crashed in 2007 Kiyosaki saw it coming, and made money. Whenever crises hit, those who practice know what to do. Everyday in any business you have to practice.

Kiyosaki is distressed by the exorbitant level of student loans, and that he feels the money has not been well-spent to ensure financial success.

Schools teach reliance on a good job, financial security. According to Kiyosaki, security is the opposite of success. It is almost impossible to succeed financially when focused on security.

Self esteem, cooperation, self control. These things are essential to success in life. A winner never quits, and keeps their eye on the prize. A loser is someone who quits when they lose, instead of using that as a learning tool to propel them to ever greater success.

Kiyosaki is committed to financial education, teaching people what they failed to learn growing up in the public school system, about how to prepare oneself financially for real independence and freedom.

Happy Investing!

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