Monday, October 19, 2015

Kiyosaki Live!

Robert Kyosaki, the number 1 best selling personal finance author of all time, was our speaker at the national convention for my travel business this past weekend. He is as dynamic a speaker as he is an author. (Note to my wrtier sister Vicky: Kiyosaki was turned down by all the NYC publishers before he decided to self-publish).

He was blown away by our company and its leadership, our business model, and by the "best reception anywhere in the world" given to him by our enthusiastic 11,000 convention attendees.

His path towards financial literacy began in Hilo, HI in 4th grade when he asked his teacher, "when are you going to teach us about money?" The teacher responded that they would not be teaching this, as money is the root of all evil. Dissatisfied with that answer, he went on his own seach.

His first book, written in 1992, was originally titled "if you want to be rich and happy, do not go to school."

Make no mistake about it, Kiyosaki considers himself an educator on financial literacy, and owns a very profitable education business. "Education is more important than ever," says Kiyosaki, "but not the garbage they teach you in school."

He believes strongly that the way to success is many fold, but most importantly includes good mentors.

His mentor taught him that the wealthy do not want a paycheck. "If I pay you, you will think like an employee."

His mentor taught him many things, and they played a lot of Monopoly as he was growing up.

He asked a lot of questions. "If you want something in your life, you have to ask."

Today he owns 10,000 rental units, 4 hotels, and several golf courses, in addition to very successful publishing and conslting businesses.

The reason he was so enthusiastic about speaking to a bunch of travel entrepreneurs is because all he wanted to do after high school was travel. That is why he joined the military, and he has never stopped traveling since!

He has solid investment advice - and it does not include leading a debt-free life or playing the stock market. His advice: Invest in real estate!!!!

I couldn't agree more! For more on Kiyosaki's remarks, read my blog tomorrow.

Happy Investing!

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