Friday, September 25, 2015

Seattle Multifamily For Sale

There are 60 active multifamily listings in the city of Seattle as of today's date on the NWMLS. Many more can be found on the Commercial Brokers Association or other commercial websites.

The multifamily apartments on the NWMLS range in price from $175,000 to almost $13M.

The number of units range from 2 - 21. 28 of these are duplexes; 6 are triplexes; 11 are 4-plexes. Five of these have 10 or more units.

They have been on the market anywhere from 1 to 475 days. The median list price is $749,450 for a 2876sf apartment building that has been on the market 42 days.

In the last 30 days, 16 multifamily properties sold on the NWMLS at a median price of $697,475 within 13 days on market. Ten of these sales were for duplexes that sold for a median price of $333,750/unit or $298/sf. The one 4-plex sold in Lake City for $140,000 per unit, or $177/sf.

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