Tuesday, July 21, 2015

North and South Seattle House Prices

301 single family homes sold in the city of Seattle in the last two weeks. Of these, the median home price was listed for $525,000 and sold for $585,000. Half of these homes sold in less than seven days.

North of downtown the median home was listed for $595,000 and sold for $623,000 ($331/sf) in 7 days.

Houses south of downtown were listed for a median price of $485,000 and sold in 8 days for a median price of $528,000 ($275/sf). This is a discount in price of roughly 17%.

The 24 homes that sold in southeast Seattle sold for a median price under $260/sf, roughly 18% less than homes in North Seattle.

Of the sales in the last two weeks, the neighborhoods that attracted the most sales were:
Ballard/Green Lake - 81
West Seattle - 57
North Seattle - 46
Central Seattle - 37

Location makes a difference.

Happy Investing!

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