Friday, July 31, 2015

Lead Generation

Lead generation, lead conversion and lead servicing are the three key areas to focus on in real estate, whether investing or brokering. Lead generation may be used for finding buyers, sellers, properties, or investors. Here are some of my notes on lead generation:

Most agents have not set up lead generation systems. Commit to automating your lead generation systems.

Lead prospecting and follow up are the most important things you can do. Block time and treat it as if it were a client appointment. One hour per day is bare minimum, more like 2-3 hours. Commit to this.

Outsource contract to closing, as much as possible. Think of your business as a business.

How to create easy money ads:
The prospect is looking for benefit rich language that makes it easy to take action. Images are the best way to create an ad that brings in leads.

Typical ads do not make you reach out for more information: Your headline must catch the prospect’s eye and draw them in, compelling them to take action. Here are some real estate examples for buyers:

  • Upscale Homes in Distress, click here for free VIP access. 
  • Don’t Miss this Steal – Your Spouse will Hate You if you Do
  • Investors, FREE list of Best Deals in Any Area or Price Range
  • Builder Closeouts and Off-Market Properties: FREE list of All area homes with pics and addresses
  • FREE list of expired listings
Scarcity attracts interest:
  • Last one available at this price!
  • Limited time only!
Practice writing irresistible headlines.
Make the whole image clickable. 

Some resources for real estate agents include: WebAgentSolutions, Real ProSystems, Success Website. 

Tip: Post at least 50 lead-generating online ads every day without ever touching a computer. Use virtual assistants to automate the process.

How to host images online for free. allows you to host the image and direct it to the landing page you want. Create a free account in Get an image that you paid to use from Google Images. Paste or copy html from ad to host on this website. All you need to do with photobucket that hosts the photo online and direct it to where wanted.

How to dominate Craigslist to get started, free and easy to use. Take one of your ten ads with irresistible headlines, and paste code from photobucket with image. Put landing page into ad. Make it look like a legit property. Very simple clickable ads with landing pages.

Benefit rich domain names are available from for an unbranded URL to forward to landing page.

Use virtual assistants to post ads. Make sure that your VA knows how to manage multiple CL accounts on your behalf. You will have to let them use your computer, or, so the ads do not get ghosted. But rules change for Craigslist all the time, so what worked previously may not work the next time you run an ad to generate leads. So experiment!

Happy Investing!

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