Friday, May 22, 2015

Home Seller Sales Tips

First impressions count. Experience shows that for every $100 of repairs needed on a home, buyers will deduct $300-500. Here are a few more simple and inexpensive things a homeowner can do to get their house ready to sell:

·         If you have more than two cars in your driveway, park the extra vehicles at a neighbor’s house.  This will give your driveway and yard a spacious look.

·         Oil and rust stains can be removed from concrete with commercial driveway cleaners that are available from automotive and home improvement stores.

·         The basement needn’t be spotless, but change light bulbs and clear cobwebs before showing the house.

·         Change air conditioning and furnace filters so the units will run efficiently.

·         If your washer and dryer are in the basement, create a cozy laundry area by adding an area rug and shelves to store detergent bottles.

·         Check for termites by using a pocketknife to jab the support beams near the house foundation.  If the knife penetrates the wood easily, then there could be a termite problem.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!
Happy Investing!

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