Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Days on Market

How long should it take to sell a house for maximum market value? Let's take a look at our Lake Sammamish example from previous blogs.

70 days was the average number of days on market for all sold waterfront houses on Lake Sammamish in the past six months. But 58% of those sales occurred in less than 30 days. These faster sales received 97% of the asking price, while 25% of the Sellers held out for full price in 61-120 days on market.

The top listing agent on Lake Sammamish during that time sold four waterfront homes in an average of 34 days on market for 95.6% of the asking price. Fifty percent of these sales sold for at least 100% of asking price.

Seven other sales of Lake Sammamish waterfront homes took an average of 75 days and garnered 94.62% of the asking price. 43 percent of these sales went for at least 100% of asking price.

The top listing agent was able to produce a sale in under half the time it took less experienced agents. The top agent was also able to negotiate a 1% higher price.

Experience and specialization do seem to result in better numbers for our top agent. It may be that this top agent is better at determining market value for an initial list price, or may have better marketing methods in place to sell quickly. In none of the top agent sales did this listing broker also procure the buyer.

But experience matters when making decisions on real estate. Keep this in mind when selecting brokers to handle your real estate transactions.

Happy Investing!

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