Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Why Work with a Buyer's Agent

The reasons a home buyer should work with a real estate professional to purchase a home are:
·         It's free to the buyer
·         It's convenient
·         The professional has current Market Knowledge
o    Understanding the local market is key to finding the best home at the best price possible.   Market knowledge is something that isn't easily attained in a short period of time.
·         Professional Negotiation
o    Making an offer and negotiating with a seller is by far one of the most specialized parts of the home buying process.  This is a skill that isn't easily attained in a short period of time.
·         Professional Connections
o    When it's time to close a transaction, the buyer will need the expertise of a number of professionals such as:
§  Lenders
§  Escrow/Title Companies
§  Inspectors
§  Appraisers
§  Surveyors
o    Buyer's agents have a network of these professionals with whom they have formed a business relationship to assist their clients.  You get access to our network rather than having to research and build relationships from scratch.

·         Insider Knowledge on real estate trends and opportunities
·         Access to Market Comparables and Analysis of Comparables
·         Help Identifying Buyer Needs
·         Knowledge of Industry Standards, Legalities and Writing Up Offers and Contracts

The skills that one should look for in hiring a real estate broker would be:
·         Honesty and Integrity
·         Knowledge of Purchase Process
·         Responsiveness
·         Knowledge of the Real Estate Market
·         Communication Skills
·         Negotiation Skills

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Happy Investing!

Today's blog written in cooperation with Bernita McKinnion, Home Land Seattle

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