Monday, December 8, 2014

Heard on the Street

Networking is a great way to get referrals for resources that are needed in any industry. I spend a lot of my time networking with other investors and entrepreneurs, and I am always picking up some new tips. Here are a few I really like right now: - property management software. I have not used it, but want to take advantage of their free trial, given the rave reviews I heard at an investor party. Those folks said the software was very affordable, robust, and really flexible. They said that they almost never use QuickBooks any more, because Buildium does it all. So I will have to check it out.

Pop-Up Houses was another link I was encouraged to check out (, all about green development and affordability. "Making passive construction easy" is their tag line, and that certainly has appeal to me. Another good one to check out.

And having just returned from Hawaii, I am already planning my next big vacations. Keeping them affordable has always been a big goal, and there are many tools to do that, including belonging to a vacation travel club. In addition, there are a few good websites about generating lots of airline miles. Check out and

Got other favorite websites you'd like to share?

Happy Investing!

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