Thursday, December 19, 2013

Wholesaler's Buyers List

Real estate investor Patrick Riddle offers a free Investor Phone Script, developed and used by Eric Medemar, that outlines how wholesalers should talk to prospective investors and cash buyers. This is a great method for developing a Buyer's List, if you are planning to wholesale properties to other investors.

Basically, the script goes something like this:

  • "Hi, this is Wendy Ceccherelli, from Home Land" (It helps to have a website with a URL that relates somehow to the type of investing you will be doing. It is inexpensive to set up, and creates instant credibility that makes you look like a big time investor).
  • "I'm an investor here in Seattle (name of your city) and I was researching a house to buy on (name of street). I noticed that you had purchased a property at (address on same street)."
  • "Do you still own that property?" Depending on answer, follow up with questions about their particular niche for investing.
  • "What do you think of the area (where their house is located)?"
  • "Hey, thank you for your time and insight (on area). It's been really helpfuI and I really appreciate it."
  • "Now before I go, I do occasionally come across some bargain properties that I can't close because I am tied up on other properties. I'd be happy to return the favor and give you the inside track when I come across these. Would you mind if I gave you a shout whenever I have some properties that you might like?"
  • "OK, is this the best number to reach you? or should I shoot you an email?"
That's it! For access to this FREE investor script, or others like it, please contact me at or 425-270-7292.

Happy Investing!

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