Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Life of Abundance

Having just returned from a cruise in the Gulf of Mexico, from New Orleans to the Yucatan peninsula to explore Mayan ruins and swim with the dolphins, I am prone to reflect on what it means to have a life of abundance.

Surely, life is meant to be full of joy, delight, wonderment, and curiosity - not at the expense of others, but in harmony with them and with the planet. From the literature I reviewed in yesterday's blog, "success" in terms of an abundant and prosperous life means having an attitude of appreciation, of gratitude, and of optimism. Much of the literature has to do with eliminating negative thoughts and attitudes, in order to open the mind to possibilities.

For me, nothing does this quite like taking a break from day-to-day activities, often in the form of travel to unfamiliar places. When I vacation, my mind empties of the daily stresses and I am more fully present in my new environment. Vacation travel allows us not only to explore the world, but to explore ourselves, to question the habits that we form, and to realize there are other ways of being. Focusing on something new and different allows for reflection and creativity. It is in times like these that we are more open to experimentation and innovation.

Certainly travel can be educational and inspirational. For most of my life, I have been fascinated by lost civilizations, archaeology, ancient works of art and technology - including the ancient Mayan ruins, particularly those of Chichen Itsa, which I was able to explore on this trip. How did the ancient Mayans, without metal tools, modern technology or the wheel create these stupendous monuments, develop a highly sophisticated system of writing and numerology, an accurate calendar, and a deep understanding of astronomy?

Part of the enjoyment of an international trip is the opportunity to experience another culture, both for its educational value and for the possibility of better international understanding (perhaps even a step towards world peace?). Mayan foods, language and culture survive in many ways in the Mexican culture of today. I was fortunate enough to do my travel just prior to the Mexican celebration of Dia de los Muertes.

This trip also involved interaction with anther highly intelligent and gentle species, an animal as big as I am, that lives in an aquatic environment very unlike my own. Traveling over a thousand miles of salt water in just one gulf gave me a better understanding of the planet on which we live, and a love for all of the life it harbors.

In addition, I was reminded in my reading, to cultivate additional streams of income, in order to enjoy greater financial security. This is one reason why I joined World Ventures, a network-marketing travel company that allowed me to go on this trip at a deeply discounted price. It allows me to indulge my love of travel, while generating an additional income stream from sharing those vacation benefits with others. I love the product, I love the concept, and it works for me. Do what you love, the money will follow - another concept from the Prosperity Classics.

Work hard, play hard. Make a life, living!

Happy investing!

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