Thursday, October 10, 2013

Lessons Learned: Commercial Real Estate

My commercial real estate partner O. Thomas Harper is someone I truly admire. He has been a terrific mentor to me in the world of commercial real estate, and is a great student of life and a philosopher at heart. He has had an eclectic career that included four years as a loan underwriter with the Small Business Administration, fourteen years as principal and project manager for Directions Development Design Corporation, and founder and principal of Van Gogh Development Corporation since 1994. I joined Van Gogh Development Corporation as a partner this year.

Here are some of the lessons I have learned from Mr. Harper:

The best way to achieve success is to solve a problem for a community. Build community, one project at a time. Make a difference. See what no one else sees. Envision possibility where none has previously existed. Create sustainable solutions.

Boldness has genius in it. Do not be afraid to take on something bigger than yourself. Doors open when the vision is large enough.

Hire expertise. It is less expensive than inexperience.

Keep your options - and your mind - open. Do more listening than talking.

Never stop learning. Never stop growing. Take care of your mind and your body.

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Happy investing!

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