Friday, October 4, 2013

Change Someone's Life

Local real estate broker Greg Gallagher spoke at a recent gathering of real estate investors in Seattle. He has developed a thriving real estate business and portfolio of investment properties in just the past five years. Every morning, when he heads out his front door, he says to himself, "I am going to change someone's life today."

What a fabulous attitude to have about the work we do as real estate professionals!

Whether you are a broker helping someone through one of the biggest financial decisions they will need to make, or whether you are negotiating to buy a piece of property as an investment, you are affecting someone else's life in a significant way. A real estate transaction is one of the biggest financial decisions that anyone will make during their life. Your attitude and compassion toward them will make a difference in your success.

Greg believes that when you treat people with compassion, when your goal is truly to help them, the universe responds in a positive way. People sense when you are genuinely concerned about their well-being, when their choice is not manipulated to benefit just one party, where both parties to the transaction can really feel good about a decision.

As such, Greg normally offers sellers a series of options to consider, and is not vested in the outcome of any single one.

He is also hyper-focused on his specific real estate approach and strategies; they have worked well for him. And he works hard, generally only taking Sundays off to try to have some balance in his life. He has a big "why" that motivates him every day, and he time-blocks his week to provide consistency and solid results.

All good lessons to live by!

Happy investing!

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