Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Property Manager Wanted

Growing real estate investment firm and brokerage Home Land Seattle seeks a property manager to oversee Property Management division. Portfolio currently holds nine rental properties, owned by seven different owners, all located within the city of Seattle. These properties currently generate almost $23,000 monthly in gross rental income.

New property manager will receive commissions on servicing the existing properties, but is also expected to bring in their own accounts as well. 

Primary duties:
  • Deliver lease applications, leases, or any amendments.
  • Receive lease applications, leases, amendments, security deposits, rental payments, or any related payment for delivery to, and made payable to the owner or real estate firm.
  • Show rental units.
  • Execute leases or rental agreements, rental payments, or any related payment for delivery to, and made payable to, the owner or real estate firm.
  • Act as a scrivener, completing blanks on preprinted and preapproved rental agreements with the exact language provided by the property owner, designated broker, or managing broker. The unlicensed assistant may exercise no discretion over the language used to complete the blanks on a rental agreement, but may only write words dictated by the property owner, designated broker, or managing broker.
  • Provide information about rental units, leases, lease applications, security deposits, and rental amounts to prospective tenants.
  • Do move-in/move-out walk-throughs and condition reports with tenants
  • Handle property maintenance requests from tenants and owners
  • On behalf of the firm, market for new property management clients and tenants
  • Assist in property management functions by carrying out administrative, clerical, financial, or maintenance tasks.
The ideal candidate will have knowledge of Washington State Landlord Tenant Law; experience with single family dwellings; understanding of home and facilities maintenance; supervisory skills of a wide variety of contractors to maintenance personnel; good communication skills with property owners in order to understand their goals and implement plans to achieve them; and ability to complete the daily, monthly and annual financial analysis for each property. 

Extensive experience is not necessary: We will provide the right manager with all the necessary tools to manage this portfolio of mostly single family residential properties. Property manager is not required to have a real estate license; but may find that this is a good opportunity to work towards acquiring a license.

Necessary skills are as follows:
-Strong written and verbal communication skills.
-Able to provide excellent customer service.
-Good computer skills, including working knowledge of all Microsoft Office products.
-Excellent organizational skills.
-Conflict resolution skills.
-Positive attitude.
-At least some single family property management experience
-Reliable transportation, current Washington driver’s license and auto insurance

The successful candidate will be a self-starter who thrives in a flexible work environment. This is a home-based position, with an office and properties in Seattle. It requires frequent evening and weekend obligations.

The compensation will be a percentage of what the portfolio generates, initially $500 per month. While the property manager is considered a contract position, without set hours, taxes will be deducted from the compensation, in compliance with state and federal law. The property manager works under the supervision of the Designated Broker of the real estate firm, Wendy Ceccherelli.

To apply, please send a cover letter and resume to:
Wendy Ceccherelli, Designated Broker
Home Land Seattle

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