Monday, September 2, 2013

Living in Maple Leaf

Hidden away north of downtown, Maple Leaf is home to lots of lucky locals. Teeming with Tudor-style and bungalow homes, those recent remodels and renovations also came to include some of Seatown's most sought-after supper spots. Let's embark on a tour of Maple Leaf with this week's Weekly Yelp!

CafĂ© Piccolo (9400 Roosevelt Way NE)
A spot that makes everything from scratch, "yielding less than one ounce of garbage per customer," explains Wendy M. Their compost is used in the soil that "grows their herbs and vegetables and they use compostable take out containers… truly unnecessary because you'll eat everything up!"

Maple Leaf Grill (8929 Roosevelt Way NE)
This "warm, inviting and cozy" converted house is perfect forEvelyn F when she doesn't feel like cooking. "A good neighborhood place for a meal and beer." From their signature Mars' oyster stew to steak salad, they've got it all!

Flying Squirrel Pizza (8310 5th Ave NE)
Thanks to "well-crafted dough and the right balance of cheeses," Adrianna K is sure to keep an eye open for their seasonal specials. Bring in a mix-tape (yes, an old school cassette) and get 10% off your order.

Kona Kitchen (8501 5th Ave NE)
"Who doesn't love a restaurant that brings you warm sunshine memories and a hearty meal?" asks Lily L. The "Kalua Pig, Loco Moco, Broke Da Mouth Beef Stew, and two types of musubi" are must-tries. "Did I mention the lychee cocktail and and Kona beer is also a delight?"

Cloud City Coffee (8801 Roosevelt Way NE)
"Just what you think about a coffee house should be," musesChris B. "People having conversations, kids playing with the toys, people reading books or the newspaper," and if you're hungry a half-dozen options for quiche and other nibbles too.

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