Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Youthful Ambitions

Forbes magazine reports that right now, 47 percent of Generation Y works in companies with less than 100 people. Entrepreneurial Studies is the third most popular college major for millennials. The career paths for recent college graduates have been leaning towards the world of start-up companies. 

Once an insider name for a small business, the term "start-ups" now connotes an exciting entrepreneurial lifestyle that more and more educated youths are choosing. Many of the recent graduates Forbes spoke with chose startups because they felt doing so let them contribute meaningfully to a business while also seeing end results - something consultants rarely get to do. 

They also pointed to the non-hierarchical structure of startups, which many said enabled them to learn a broad range of skills very quickly, rather than specializing in one area as entry-level finance jobs permit. 

Most importantly, however, they spoke about impact, and a desire to create value in their lives and the lives of others.   

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