Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Living in the University District

Seattle is a city of neighborhoods, each with its own unique personality. The University District of Seattle, surrounding the University of Washington, is rapidly growing, capitalizing on its unique features and vibrant community; including the waterfront and the university. The Seattle neighborhood known as the University district offers a bit of Seattle city living and a spirited college town feel. People have access to waterfront parks, bike trails, art galleries, museums, and “the Ave.” With hip shops, bars, and unique international restaurants this neighborhood never gets dull.

The housing around the university supports a large school population, with influences from Scandinavian communities, artists, entrepreneurs, and many of Seattle’s up & coming business ventures. Most of the housing available in this area is for rent. With such a demand for property and limited space due to the abundance of nearby amenities, buying a house in this neighborhood is rare, with an average selling price of $700,000. 

Even with its exclusive location the University district boasts some of Seattle’s most notable endeavors, like becoming the first and now largest local neighborhood Farm’s Market in 1993, as well as hosting numerous seasonal festivals for its residents. 

Many of the amenities and activities in this area are focused on events and benefits coming out of the University of Washington. A fun rivalry with the UW Huskies spells out tailgating, game day specials and sporting events for everyone. 

Near the University in Portage Bay, the Seattle Yacht Club can be found, with water and boating access into the bay, and several marinas.

Most residents in this area are single, with a lower income than average for the city of Seattle, most likely due to the large student population in the area. The typical commute time for these residents averages about 25 minutes; with proximity to downtown & convenient transportation methods, the airport is 18 miles. The amenities in the university district include; several public schools, a neighborhood service center, community centers, a formal Neo-classical Carnegie Library, services, retail, and more! 

Happenings such as SeaFair parades, Pride events, transportation updates and meetings and various events both public and private happen frequently in this area due to its convenience to downtown Seattle and its welcoming community.

While this bustling community seems to have stopped its incline, the Seattle City Light Rail will have service through this neighborhood in 2016 bringing more travelers, transportation options, and a bright future. When this neighborhood lends an opening we have the right tools to help you get in before the competition!

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