Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Making Offers!

This past Sunday I led a tour of five listed homes for sale in North Seattle, all of which were owned by the Seller free and clear, without a mortgage. Several of these were new listings, a few were estate sales, all of them in a price range and location attractive to buyers.

Following that tour, I drafted four offers and have submitted three to the listing brokers for those Sellers to consider a sale using owner financing. I would like to blog about these houses, but unfortunately, the listing brokers have disallowed that option. Too bad!

So perhaps none of these offers will be accepted; or perhaps one of them will be. No one gets a house without making an offer. The answer is always "no," unless you submit offers. So if you want to buy a house or maybe two or three, then get in the game!

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condo Philippines said...

I agree that if you want to buy a house or maybe two or more than that, then get in the game. You did a good work. Big thanks.