Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Motivated Sellers Home Tour

On Sunday, November 13, Home Land Seattle offers a FREE tour of three-bedroom homes priced under $350,000 that have been on the market for over 120 days in the desirable North Seattle neighborhoods of Fremont, Crown Hill, Green Lake, Maple Leaf,Pinehurst and Wedgwood.

The median three-bedroom home sale in these neighborhoods in the past six months sold for $289,475 in 31 days on the market. This compares to similar sales south of downtown which sold for $237,975 in 49 days on the market. Neighborhoods north of downtown Seattle command a higher price and sell more quickly in general, than those south of downtown.

Come see what is still on the market during the winter doldrums for our tour on Sunday, November 13. For more details on the tour, please go to www.SundayBargainTour.com or call 888-621-4999 x4.

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