Tuesday, October 11, 2011

23 Improving Housing Markets

The National Association of Homebuilders/First American Improving Market Index has identified 23 improving housing markets nationwide. This index measures improvement in housing permits, employment and housing prices for the past six months or more.

These markets include:
--Alexandria, LA
--Amarillo, TX
--Anchorage, AK
--Bismark, ND
--Caspar, WY
--Fairbanks, AK
--Fayetteville, NC
--Houma, LA
--Iowa City, IA
--Jonesboro, AR
--Kankakee, IL
--McAllen, TX
--Midland, TX
--New Orleans, LA
--Odessa, TX
--Pine Bluff, AR
--Pittsburgh, PA
--Sherman, TX
--Sumter, SC
--Waco, TX
--Waterloo, IA
--Wichita Falls, TX
--Winston-Salem, NC

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